Who We Are

Bandai Namco Studios Malaysia was established in 2016 and is part of the Bandai Namco Group founded in 2005. Our highly experienced team specialises in producing and developing games that will deliver true experience. It has become the hub for visual art production in the region as we build a global art production organization. We provide “Fun for All into The Future” to our players all over the world by creating happiness within the player.

Meet The Team

The people who
work in this
industry are
young at heart


Lead Animator
of Bandai Namco Studios

Bandai Namco is
everybody's childhood.
We have a lot of games
to accompany everyone.


Mid Character Artist
of Bandai Namco Studios

It's just a
great vibe here.
It's good fun!


Senior Enviroment Artist
of Bandai Namco Studios