After completing DEMO 2018, we have proven that we are indeed capable of completing a real-time rendered cinematic from scratch. This time we wanted to venture into storytelling and at the same explore some of the recent technology: Raytracing and procedural workflow. Aside from this we also brought in some VFX and utilized shaders in our production this time around.

The Story

The story centers around a playful child, Tom, who sneaked into the basement to play with his father’s pinball machine. Inspired by the designs of the pinball machine, Tom imagines himself as the main character featured in the designs, fighting off UFOs in an imaginary sci-fi world. In order to further immerse himself in the imaginary world, Tom fashioned a spacesuit costume by utilizing objects he finds around the house, several belonging to his parents.


Director : Anson Ng Lee Ming
Co-Director : Shawn Poh Theng Hon
Supervisors : Yosuke Naito, Adrian Colin Pave’e
Project Manager : Ng Hui Rong
Concept Artists : Saifful Johan Foo, Nasrul Hakim
Character Artists : Nabila Nariswari Safitri, Singgih Kuncoro, Tan Yi Da, Keok Rui Cong
Environment Artists : Nelson Ng Wei Hong, Sung Pei Sun, Oscar Yip Chun Tung, Wong Min Xin, Jacky Sim Zhao Xu
Animators : Chan Ken Neth, Wong Yew Chung, Loi Heng Yeap, Muhamad Izzat Afifi Bin Yasin
VFX Artists : Shawn Poh Theng Hon, Lovina Adriani
UE4 Tech Artists : Anson Ng Lee Ming (raytracing/lighting),Nelson Ng Wei Hong (setup)
Editor : Anson Ng Lee Ming
Sound Production : two AM Music Studios