Created by our newly established in-house cinematic team, this 5-episode miniseries expands the “Tom’s universe” with a refined storyline of an epic journey. To deliver the creative and playful spirits of Tom’s imaginary world, the cinematic team faces several technical challenges such as custom simulated Xgen hair, UE5 Path Tracer lighting and cinematic visual FX composition.

The Story

Wilder, larger, adventurous… Tom Major, the space astronaut boy returns in a brand-new miniseries: Tom Major: SUPERNOVA!

Tom is a child who loves everything about space. He uses his powerful imagination to immerse himself in the Tom’s Space Sanctuary, a universe inspired by simple daily objects and activities. As the only son in a mid-income household, Tom’s imaginative exploration slowly unfolds the secret behind an untold story with his family! This is the first episode of the miniseries, a message to inspire viewers: Conveying passion to others!


Episode Director : Talen Chin Khean Wei
Episode CG Director : Julian Chai Ee Chern
Producer : Ng Hui Rong
Cinematic Section Manager : Chan Ken Neth
Project Lead : Chinatsu Matsukura
Script Writer : Sawako Natori
Storyboard : Talen Chin Khean Wei
Animatics : Julian Chai Ee Chern
Lead Concept Artist : Saifful Johan Foo
Character and Environment Concept Artist : Sara Kinnaly Gilardi
Character Artist : Nabila Nariswari Safitri, Felicia
Rigging Artist : Luis Goh Ta Siang, Chan Cin Foun, Stephanie Wong
Environment Artist : Sung Pei Sun, Jonathan Kurniawan Suwito
Lead Animator : Ajay Purkaystha
Animator : Mohamad Izzat Afifi Bin Yasin, Soon Wen Li, Andrea Ow
Lighting & Compositing Artist : Adrian Colin Pave'e, Wendy Le Nga Linh
FX Artist : Adrian Colin Pave'e, Tan Wai Soon
Tech Support Artist : Nelson Ng Wei Hong
Post Editing : Julian Chai Ee Chern
Project Managers : Tan Yan Jun, Muhamad Amal Farial bin Khalid
Translators : Kenichi Masuhiro, Desmond Pang Thau Lie, Muhammad Hadi Al-Hayyi bin Halimurashid
Music by : Two AM Music Global
Special Thanks : Yosuke Naito, Shuhei Banya, Kenzo Nagata, Hiroki Minami, Toshiyuki Suzuki, Sam Choon Tatt, Yeo Loon Chew, Amanina Syamimi, Aaron Wong Kher Wei, Adrick Leong Kha Hau, Nik Muhammad Syazwan, Ng Kai Wern, Sarah Looi Sing Wei, Anson Ng Lee Ming, Ben Gershom, Liew Yuet Pei