We started this project with a simple goal, which is to show our capability of creating a short real-time rendered cinematic from scratch. We started with a small team, and with the help of staffs from other production departments, completed this project in a span of 8 months. As our focus was to complete a full cinematic within a given timeline, our team worked to get everything to an acceptable quality rather than spending too much time polishing fine details of all assets.


Director :Anson Ng Lee Ming
Supervisors : Shuhei Banya, Yosuke Naito, Adrian Colin Pave’e
Project Manager : Ng Hui Rong
Concept Artists : Yeoh Sheng Siang, Samat Khovitoonkij, Saifful Johan Foo
Character Artists : Anson Ng Lee Ming, Mimi Rizal
Environment Artists : Hirotoshi Akai, Yoong Wei Siong, Somina Rout, Pawan Bhattacharya, Li Jinlong, Edwin Lim Hwa Liang
Animators : Chan Ken Neth, Theodore Lemuel Eleazar, Chau Zheng Xing
VFX Artists : Adrian Colin Pave’e
UE4 Tech Artists : Shuhei Banya (setup), Anson Ng Lee Ming (lighting)
Editor : Anson Ng Lee Ming
Sound Production : two AM Music Studios