In DEMO2020, we aimed for the theme "realism". This time round we raised the bar and continued using Raytracing in Unreal Engine for our cinematic production. We also explored the usage of dynamic simulations for clothes and Megascans to build our scene. We were able to complete the project with all the members almost entirely working from home!

The Story

An injured man made his way out of a cave to discover a magical tree in a mystical chamber. The place told a lost legend of his people seeking salvation, or so he thought...


Director : Anson Ng Lee Ming
Art Supervisor : Nasrul Hakim Bin Mohamad
Concept Artists : Nasrul Hakim Bin Mohamad, Nur'Ain Binti Shariffuddin
Character Supervisor : Aaron Wong Kher Wei
Character Artists : Loo Hew Tung, Felicia, Clarissa Regina Wantouw
Environment Supervisor : Kok Chen Yong
Environment Artists : Hansel Febrianto, Woo Mun Kein
Environment Lookdev : Hugo Thung Hui Hong
Animation Supervisor : Chan Ken Neth
Animators : Julian Chai Ee Chern (Lead), Alexander Rei Apollo
Cinematic Artist : Anson Ng Lee Ming
Project Managers : Sarah Looi Sing Wei, Chow Ling Huan
Project Supervisor : Ng Hui Rong
Special Thanks:
Character Rigger : Plabon Bhattacharya
Sound Production : two AM Music Studios