Technical Artist – Pipeline

Mid-Senior Level


As a Pipeline Technical Artist, you will be working with the creative team to develop and maintain a custom pipeline or workflow best suited for each project. This is a technical role for an experienced TD or programmer who are interested in both the artistic and technical aspects of the content creation pipeline.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 2 years of professional working experience in the Animation, Games, or Visual Effects industry as a Technical Artist (preferably on pipelines).
  • Strong knowledge of Python, PyMel, PyQT, and C++.
  • Strong knowledge of DCC software such as Maya and 3ds Max (must be able to use and write tools for at least one of them).
  • Strong knowledge of the content creation pipeline.
  • Familiarity with version control systems such as Perforce.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop in-house content creation pipelines and workflows which best suit each project’s nature.
  • Provide support and constant improvements to the pipeline to ensure smooth workflow throughout the project’s duration.
  • Collaborate and provide support to content creators with custom or new tools.
  • Integrate the in-house pipeline and tools with 3rd party systems such as ShotGrid.
  • Liaise with the team to inform them of possible new technologies.
  • Keep up with the current technological developments and advancements throughout the gaming and cinematic industries.
  • Provide custom scripts and tools to support existing and new workflows.
  • Other duties may be assigned.


  • Strong understanding of the thought processes and workflow for one or more stages in a production pipeline (i.e. Rigging, Shading, Animation, Lighting, Compositing, etc.)
  • Experience working with the following:
    • Unreal Engine (Blueprint, Alembic workflow, API)
    • Alembic
    • Universal Scene Description (USD)
    • Maya API
    • ShotGrid API
  • Experience in node-based shader networks.