Lead IT Support

Regular/Full Time


As a Lead IT Support professional in our organization, you will assume a key role in providing leadership and support to our IT teams. Your primary responsibilities will involve overseeing the means of our IT projects and ensuring the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


  • Candidate is able to provide technical guidance and support to junior, middle, and senior subordinates in Python, JavaScript, Git, Azure, C++, Git.
  • Ensuring all the IT equipment requirements of the Company are met, and existing systems are functioning optimally.
  • Recommending the best systems to the management in case new equipment is required.
  • Planning budgets of the IT department to keep it within constraints of the Company and overseeing the IT budget throughout the year.
  • Estimating the future needs of the Company and planning IT infrastructure development accordingly.
  • Assuring the system is well maintained and keeping the quality and standard of the system and/or equipment.
  • Communication with different departments/branches from inside and outside of the Company to ensure all requirements, permits and licensure are in place and updated. 
  • Able to communicate in Japanese is a major plus.


  • Possessed at least Bachelor’s degree in Informational Technology or Computer Science or equivalence.
  • Have at least more than 8-10 years of working experience in IT development.
  • Strong IT knowledge along with managerial capabilities and efficient financial and management planning skills.
  • Excellent communication, time, and leadership skills.
  • Able to work in a high paced environment and provide an outstanding outcome.
  • Good in observation and analytical skills and able to demonstrate skill in decision making.